Bob Johnson trained as a psychiatrist, both in the UK and the USA, but having objected to the use of ECT, Electro-shock Treatment, which he regarded as barbaric, equivalent to the ducking stool, and no better, he was blocked from further psychiatric promotion.  He moved into family medicine, where, after 19 years and much toil, he identified frontal blockages clinically – a pathology since confirmed by brainscan.

Always interested in what we know, what we can know, and what we can’t – he recently delved into the interminable enigmas of Quantum Physics, asking how Uncertainty, which reigns there, would help or hinder clinical healthcare.  His conclusion, that it’d be a healthcare disaster, clarifies what’s left for us, namely our purposes, our meanings, our ‘intents’ – by harnessing these directly, wonders happen.

Bob Johnson is no longer licensed by the UK medical licensing authority, the GMC, to practice medicine in the UK.  Accordingly his clinical practice is now closed.

He lives in the UK, but travels as need be.