TRAUMA breeds DISTRUST – which harms us all

TRAUMA breeds DISTRUST – which harms us all

TRUST IS VITAL. Literally. The more politicians squander their trust, the more people die from Covid – precisely as The Economist predicted. In an Editorial on 14 March 2020, The Economist explained that agovernment’s ability to cope with Covid depended “above all, [on] whether they are trusted”. No wonder Fake-News is toxic. Being trustworthy is the highest accolade. You can betray your trust, but you cannot buy it – you have to earn it. Meanwhile distrust harms us all – nationally, socially and at home. 

Three cases illustrate how this works in clinical practice –

Case 1, a “non-adult” prisoner;

Case 2, a double mastectomy, averted;

Case 3, a serial killer, cured.  

In Case 1 – a 45-year-old man finds he cannot say the words “I am an adult” – a disability as serious, as it is obvious. It’s a verbal disability that makes no sense, either to him, or to anyone else. Indeed, it is so hard to believe, that most psychiatrists don’t give it a second thought. A two minute video clip has to be seen to be believed – but when it is, so much else falls into place. See dialogue below. 

In Case 2 – a woman whose only hope for relief from ongoing nightmares of horrendous childhood abuse, was a double mastectomy. Empowerment cured her.

In Case 3 – a serial killer, who at age 18, could only “talk with his fists”. His violence evaporated when he found his tongue – as illustrated by dialogues, before and after.

This was my handout to a recent webinar, as shown in the videos – I’ll add the link ASAP.

Thursday, 5 August 2021